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Rules and Regulations

Anyone found not abiding by our safety rules and regulations will be ejected from the facility immediately.

No questions asked.

1: Keep Your Mask On.

The first and most important rule.

Your face mask must remain on at all times when you are within the playing area.

Once you step past our netted staging area, it is never safe to take it off for any reason what so ever.

If a paintball comes into contact with your face or eye, it can cause critical damage and you may lose an eye.

Players who disobey this safety rule will have their rental equipment confiscated and will be ejected from the facility immediately by our staff.

2: Barrel Cover and Safety.

The Barrel Cover is a plastic and fiber cover that is placed over the end of the barrel so that if the gun is accidentally fired, the paintball is caught and does not accidentally hurt anyone.

The Barrel Cover and Safety on the gun must be on at all times.

The only time the barrel cover and safety can be removed is during the start or course of a game,

and must be put back on the gun once the game has finished.

3: 10 Foot and No Surrender Rule.

At Extreme Paintball, we have a no surrender rule.

Players must be shot in order to get out unless calling themselves 

Players are not allowed to shoot an enemy player from 10 feet or closer.

Doing so WILL hurt the other player and could potentially cause an incident where we have to intervene and pause the game, thus taking time and fun away from the other players.

If there is an enemy player that is within 10 feet of you, circle around and shoot them once or twice from behind.

Anyone who purposefully shoots another player from within 10 feet will have their rental equipment confiscated and will be ejected from the facility.

4: You Are In The Woods.

Our Paintball fields and staging area are completely outdoors.

From the moment you arrive in our parking lot until the time you leave, you will be outdoors in the woods.

Please dress accordingly.

There will be trees, rocks, branches, holes in the ground, all sorts of things you can trip, slip, or hurt yourself on. Weather can also add extra outdoor hazards, such as mud or wet leaves.

Watch your step at all times.

5: Cheating.

In order to get shot out of the game, the paintball must hit you and break on you.

Bounces and splatters do not count.

If a player is caught cheating by wiping a paintball hit off of themselves, they will be ejected from the game.

If the cheating persists, the cheating player will be ejected from the facility. 

6: Using Your Own Gun.

You are more than welcome to bring and use your own gun at our facility.

However, the use of your gun must abide by our regulations.

All privately owned guns must be speed tested to shoot under 280 feet per second before the game begins.

Shooting any faster will hurt the player being hit.

No guns are allowed to shoot over 12 balls per second as this creates unfair game play to other players.

There is also an added safety hazard when this many rounds impact someone.

7: Blind Firing.

Blind Firing is when a player puts their gun over a bunker or cover and shoots aimlessly without looking.

At Extreme Paintball, blind firing is not allowed.

When a player blind fires, they have no idea what they are shooting at.

This can be very dangerous as the shooter does not know how close a player is in front of them, or how many times they have shot the enemy player from close range.

8: No Physical Contact.

Remember, Paintball is a sport and you are simply playing a game.

No physical contact is allowed at our facility. If one player touches another in a hostile manner, both players will be ejected from the facility.

If the incident escalates and causes a disruption to daily operations at the facility or causes an inconvenience to other players in the surrounding area, the players who caused the incident will have their waiver forms pulled and will be blacklisted from Extreme Paintball.

We will not tolerate trouble makers putting other players safety at risk.

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